In honor of Valentine’s day, the folks over here at kajeet decided to let you in on the five phones we heart!

Daniel Neal, CEO Kajeet

Name: Daniel AKA Head Dude in Charge
Phone You Love: Black Samsung Conquer Android Smartphone
Favorite Feature: The textured back. Plus, Android is a great mobile OS (and my favorite chess program was written by a Google developer).
Phone Fact About Me: As a kid, I actually did make a “phone” from tin cans and string.  But I like the newer technology much better…




Name: MattKajeet Pink Samsung Replenish
Phone You Love: Berry Samsung Replenish
Favorite Feature: The huge screen for widgets to post stuff on Facebook. And the pink design. Only a real man can rock a pink phone!
Fun Phone Fact About Me: One time, my friends and I were running into the beach, and I totally forgot I had my smartphone in my pocket. Fortunately, my tears of sorrow were mistaken for ocean water.




Kajeet Kyocera Milano


Name: Wayne
Phone You Love: Kyocera Milano
Favorite Feature: Slide out keyboard and size of the phone (fits perfectly in the palm of my hand!)
Fun Phone Fact About Me: I check my phone right before bed and first thing when I wake up…





Kajeet Purple LG Optimus


Name: Tomara AKA Sweet T AKA Tallulah
Phone You Love: Purple LG Optimus (duh!!)
Favorite Feature: Touch screen keyboard; easy to text plus I hate texting on little keys (don’t see how blackberry owners function)
Fun Phone Fact About Me: I wanted a cell phone soooo bad when I was in high school! I would walk around with my mom’s phone and act like I was talking to someone, until one day it actually rang. Embarrassing!




Samsung Seek

Name: Mano P a.k.a  Mano
Phone You Love: Blue Samsung Seek
Favorite Feature:  Love the touch screen – keyboard combo
Fun Phone Fact About Me: I decorate the back of  my phone with dude stickers (shhhh!)





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** All Photos Courtesy of Samsung Conquer 3.2 MP Camera**

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