Shine, a website from Yahoo, recently showcased kajeet as favorite cell phone option for teens and tweens.

Among the features highlighted were kajeet’s kid-friendly phones (specifically our popular Samsung Seek), our GPS Phone Locator service, affordable plan prices and free, online parental controls. Check out what else the tech-savvy mom author had to say about kajeet here!

kajeet – the safest cell phone for kids

Parenting expert Shannon Eis spoke very highly about kajeet to CNET’s Natali Morris in a segment on CBS’s Eye on Parenting, that discussed when certain technological devices are appropriate for children, because she feels that kajeet is built for kids. Specifically, she applauded our family-friendly parental controls and our new GPS Phone Locater service. Thanks Shannon! If interested in hearing more on the topic, you can watch the full video here.

Now that's a cool looking phone! 😉


kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

New Service Plans!

November 23, 2010

Now available – new and improved monthly rate plans!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have enhanced our service plans with the features you’ve told us would benefit you the most. And with a variety of price points to choose from, there’s surely a plan that meets the needs of every kid on kajeet.

kajeet service plans

Affordable and flexible, take a closer look at some of the enhancements we’ve made:

  • $19.99 a month: Includes unlimited texting, unlimited picture messaging and 150 anytime minutes (don’t worry, parents – you can still manage picture messaging usage with FeatureManager, one of our free parental controls).
  • $24.99 a month: Includes unlimited texting, unlimited picture messaging, unlimited GPS locates and 300 anytime minutes. Our best value! Your kids get the text and talk time they want; parents get the added assurance provided by our GPS Phone Locator.
  • $50 a month: Includes unlimited texting, unlimited picture messaging, unlimited GPS locates and unlimited talk time. Perfect for the kid (or the parent!) who loves to talk and text.

Plus, all of our plans come with the free, unlimited parental controls that make kajeet the safest cell phone service for kids.

Check out our service plans page today to learn more. And let us know what you think!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Looking for a stylish yet inexpensive cell phone for your kid? Then please allow us to introduce you to the newest addition to our store, the pink Sanyo Katana LX!

  • Sleek mirrored finish
  • Unique external OLED LCD display that glows through the mirrored finish
  • Digital camera with zoom, brightness controls, and self-timer
  • Speakerphone and Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Voice memo recording capability of up to 3 minutes
  • Free, unlimited parental controls


Let us know what you think about this cool, new cell phone for your kid!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Safety, safety, safety… At kajeet, keeping your kids safe is as important to us as it is to you. And this never gets easier. Rapidly changing technology and an increase in our kids’ media use leads to new worries and new challenges you face as a parent every day. It sure can be overwhelming! That’s why we’re always working to make sure our cell phone service is the safest one for kids.

And why we like to make sure you know about other products that we believe can also help keep your kids safe, like Safeguard Connect, featuring My Child Safeguard. This unique service uses your cell phone to safeguard your kids, their identity and property by allowing you to be contacted directly without revealing any personal information or your phone numbers.

How does it work? Think of My Child Safeguard as your kid’s new ID tag – but better. Your child’s personal information (name, address and phone number) is replaced by a toll-free 800 number and a unique member ID# for emergency situations. Wristbands with the ID# can also be worn in case of separation. To directly reach a parent or guardian, a caller dials the toll-free number and references the ID#. The call is immediately transferred to both parents’ cell phones (up to 4 phones) for the safety, health and welfare of your children. Safe and secure – just like kajeet.

And, for a limited time, kajeet customers can save 20% on a Safeguard Connect membership by entering KAJEET at checkout. Click here to learn more about the service and to get started today.

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Parents – are you ready to kick off the school year?

Because there are plenty of ways you can proactively make this easier for your kid – and for yourself! Parenting expert Shannon Eis recently shared tips on ways to make the transition from summer to fall on CBS’s The Early Show. And one of her recommendations for staying safe and in touch was a cell phone from kajeet. You can read more about why she picked kajeet here.

Does your back to school supply list include a cell phone? Let us know!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Parenting Picks Kajeet!

August 5, 2010

Feeling frustrated when it comes to deciding the right time to give your kid a cell phone?

You’re not alone. It’s a challenge that parents in today’s world can’t seem to avoid. It’s also the reason that Parenting gathered a panel of experts together to develop their Guide to Tech Gear for Kids, a list of selected products ideal for easing kids (and their parents) into the digital age. And one of the services highlighted is kajeet!

The Parenting panel liked how kajeet’s family-focused parental controls allow moms and dads to set limits on calls, texts and times when the phone can be used. They also liked the built-in GPS Phone Locator service (free for the first month for new accounts!) and kajeet’s low priced plans. We’re excited to be acknowledged by this panel of experts!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Have you taken the “No Phone Zone” pledge and promised to do your part to help end the dangerous practice of distracted driving?

If not, now’s your chance. Join the thousands of others who have already agreed to put their phones down and their heads up when behind the wheel in honor of National “No Phone Zone” Day, Friday, April 30. Led by Oprah Winfrey and transportation safety organizations from around the country, today is the day you pledge to keep yourself, your family and others safe on the road by making your car a “no phone zone,” free of the distractions often caused by an incoming call or text.

At kajeet, we acknowledge – and encourage – safe, responsible cell phone use every day. It’s the reason why we give every kajeet customer free, unlimited parental controls that can be customized to suit your family’s needs. Want to manage your kid’s phone so that calls can’t be made or text messages sent during school hours? Use TimeManager to make the phone off-limits for the time block you choose. Prefer that only specific phone numbers can call (or be called from) your kid’s phone? Use ContactManager to designate which ones these are and block all others. Want to know that your kid arrived at his or her destination as scheduled? Use GPS Phone Locator to confirm. These tools are just a few of the many that have helped establish kajeet as the safest cell phone service for kids. (Want another? Download our free parent-kid cell phone use contract here).

Did you take the pledge? What cell phone rules have you put in place for when your kid is driving?

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

The Money Issue

April 9, 2010

by Daniel Neal

kajeet the cell phone service for kids

We take great pride at kajeet in having created the best, safest cell phone service for kids™. Normally, we point out that we have free, unlimited parental controls and monitoring, kid-appropriate content, 4 awards from parent organizations, our GPS Phone Locator service…that sort of thing.

But we’ve kept some other things in mind, too. The high cost of living. The high cost of cell phones. The high cost of having kids (I have 2).

The average cost of a contract-based cell phone service in the U.S. is more than $56.00/month. And data-intensive smartphones cost significantly more. That so-called extra “family plan” line you’re considering adding? Analysis done by iGR Research found that the average cost of a “family plan” line is over $44.00/month, and the additional cost of an extra line for a child is over $35.00/month when all costs are considered.

Oh, and with that “family plan,” you can’t turn off the bills when your child goes to camp for the summer… (yes, you can do that with a contract-free kajeet phone).

But money is tight.  And the strain on American household budgets is why many people are turning to prepaid (or “contract-free”) cell phone services. You can find an article from ABC News about that trend here.

We’ve been hearing from parents about the need to spend less on cell phones for their children for a long time.  So here’s how we’ve responded. Kajeet offers contract-free plans that have:

  • No contract
  • No activation fee
  • No termination fee
  • FREE unlimited parental controls and monitoring capability (I know, I already said that)

Allow me to crow a bit about my favorite kajeet contract-free plan: $14.99/month for unlimited text and 60 minutes of voice. This is what I bought for each of my own 2 kids (I also subscribe to our GPS Phone Locator for $9.99/month, but that’s optional).

Here’s what I get: affordable service, no surprises and very happy kids.

So long as I have the ability to keep them from texting at school and during bedtime (using my FREE parental controls!), they can text to their heart’s content. That’s what kids do. The 60 minutes of talk are more than enough for the few phone calls they make to tell me they’re ready to get picked up and for me to call and check in.  They just don’t talk much. They text. And guess who texts a lot more now? Yup – Mr. Old School.

That $14.99/month plan strikes me as a pretty sweet deal. How sweet?  It’s a savings of $240 per year per kid over that so-called “family plan” add-a-line.

Oh, and did I mention that we are keeping the phone costs down by offering refurbished phones that look and work great? Check out our selection of cell phones here.

And for those parents who just want to have a safety phone in their child’s backpack?  We have a $4.99/month plan. You can see our other no-contract plans here.

Finally – lest you wonder about our coverage and network reliability – kajeet uses the terrific Sprint National Digital Network.


kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

by Carol Politi

Mom's Choice Awards Gold

kajeet has been awarded the Gold Mom’s Choice Award®!  This award recognizes kajeet as among the best companies when it comes to providing family friendly products and services.

The Mom’s Choice Award helps families make informed purchasing decisions.  The Mom’s Choice Awards organization has a team of judges evaluating each product that is made up of parents, educators, and media experts.  They evaluate products based on factors including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost.

kajeet has worked hard to provide a cell phone service with parental controls and other family friendly features, and we are thrilled to have received this recognition!  Thanks to the entire kajeet team that has worked so hard to build our service – and to our customers that continue to provide the invaluable guidance and feedback we need as we evolve the service.

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids