There’s no question: Kajeet takes the sophisticated technology of Androiandroidqueryd™ devices and makes it safe, simple, and fun — for parents and kids alike.

Once parents take advantage of the great prices on our top-of-the-line Android™ smartphones and tablets, they usually have a few questions about the device and the unique features Kajeet offers. Please click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Androids™.

Kajeet Smart Blocker™ is our free parental control that allows parents to block websites they feel are inappropriate for their children to view on some of today’s most popular Android™ handsets. But many parents are concerned about their kids’ web access when they are not using Kajeet’s network connection. Learn more & read our suggestions on how to help safeguard your kid’s online activity here!

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For even the most technologically-savvy parent, configuring a cell phone for your kid can be tricky and time-consuming to figure out.

But kajeet makes it simple! With our FREE parental controls and exclusive Smart BlockerTM technology, it’s easy to block websites, unwanted calls or texts on your kid’s cell phone, keeping him or her safe at affordable prices. Click the video to see our new Smart BlockerTM functionality in action!

Kajeet Smart Blocker Technology

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