Kajeet is proud to participate in this year’s George Washington Parkway Classic Ten Miler and 5K, a local running event selected by Kidsave as part of their Miracle Milers series. Miracle Milers raise funds and bring awareness to Kidsave’s mission of creating change so older orphanage and foster children grow up in families and connected to caring adults.

Learn more about Kidsave here.

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Education.com 2012 Gift Guide Badge
Education.com, an educational and child development website for parents, has selected Kajeet for inclusion in it’s 2012 Gift Guide. Products chosen for the Gift Guide were kid-tested and teacher-approved, selected from among thousands reviewed and deemed the most likely to stand the test of time. Check out their review of Kajeet here:  http://www.education.com/gift-guide/item/lg-optimus-android/.

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June 7, 2011

By Daniel Neal

As a parent, I try to keep on the lookout for new sites for kids that look interesting.  I just came across an excellent one, SheHeroes.  Their short videos on accomplished women role models are very well done.

I wasted no time sending this link to my 12-year-old daughter.  I thought others might like to know about it, too.  Nice work, SheHeroes!

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Is your family relying on you to make cool weekend plans? Need the scoop on all of the kid-friendly happenings around your local community? Time to check out Macaroni Kid!

A free email newsletter designed for families, Macaroni Kid provides weekly updates on the activities happening in your neighborhood. Find out where the upcoming back to school fair is being held. Check out what’s playing at the local family film festival. Get the 411 on when the annual county fair will be in town. Like kajeet, it’s all about kids.

To learn more about Macaroni Kid, or to sign up to receive the free newsletter in your neighborhood, click here.

What’s been your favorite family-friendly event this summer? Let us know!

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Lucy B. Parker is Here!

April 21, 2010

Lucy B ParkerLooking for a way to keep your tween reading when school’s out for summer? Turn to Lucy B. Parker for some help!

Just released from Puffin Books, Yours Truly: Lucy B. Parker is the story of a teen whose life is turned upside down when she becomes the stepsister of the most famous girl in the world. Written by Robin Palmer, you can learn more about Lucy and her adventures here.

And to celebrate the launch of Lucy and her story, we’re giving away free wallpapers on your kajeet handset! You can find them on the Navigator, along with Lucy B. Parker middle school survival tips. Make sure you check them out!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Best Adventure Books for Kids

September 14, 2009

by Carol Politi

Outside Magazine does not typically focus on kids.  However, their recent blog does a great job of profiling adventure classics for kids.   The blog was spurred by the recent New York Times article on a teacher that allowed the kids in her 7th and 8th grade classroom to choose their own books.

The Outside picks?  Below and on the Outside Blog:

As you might expect, not every book is appropriate for every family or every age range.  Check out the book descriptions to determine which books on the list might be most appropriate for your family and your child.

Do you have feedback on the books above or recommendations on great adventure books for tweens?  Please comment and let us know!  We can get the word out to kids on the phone.

by Carol Politi

“A Phone For Kids And Moms” is an article by Forbes highlighting our very own Mom Sales Team here at kajeet!  When we found that many of our customers had come to us because they were referred by other customers, and that most of our purchasers are moms, it occured to us that we should be tapping into this moms network more formally.  Since November we have been testing a program where moms that like the kajeet service go out and sell our phones to other moms.  This has worked out well for both kajeet and many of the moms, who are able to provide a highly personalized introduction to kajeet for potential customers through their personal relationships, school and church relationships, and  social networking channels.  Now that we are starting to slowly expand the team, our experienced salespeople will act as mentors to those that are new.  We hope this will help jump start the sales process for the new moms as they will be able to take advantage of the hard work we have done over the past 8 months.