Discovery Girls Contest

February 12, 2010

by Carol Politi

Discovery Girls Magazine is running a great contest for mothers and daughters – with an opportunity to win a trip to New York City!  (It actually includes two round trip airline tickets, hotel for a night, a photo shoot with your daughter – and a feature on the back cover of Discovery Girls magazine).

I love the entry requirements for this contest.  From their site:   “You and your mom must each tell us why your relationship is special. What do you do that’s different and extra-special to keep your relationship close and loving? Tell us your secret! We want details!”

Fun & a great opportunity to talk  – and to have fun making a video – with your daughter.

In the meantime, if you are a mom of a tween girl, take a look at the Discovery Girls magazine and website – and their companion Discover Your Daughter site.   These sites are dedicated to helping girls and their moms navigate through the tween and young teen years.  Discover your Daughter has a great article on managing technology use called “Is Your Daughter Addicted To Technology”.  This is a great read given the recent news from the Kaiser Family Foundation study that discussed kids media use (7 hours and 38 minutes a day on average!).

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

My TiVo DVR broke about 2 weeks ago.  Operating without it has driven home how much I rely on it to give my kids the freedom to choose what they want to watch among an array of good choices.  And TV is easy – delivering such freedom safely is far more complex when dealing with the other online services that are an integral part of our kid’s lives today.

How do we achieve the right balance of freedom and oversight when our kids are on-line?  At what point should our younger children be able to use protected chat modes when they play on Club Penguin and other gaming sites?  How should we approach managing their use of youtube – which is wildly popular (especially among boys today)?  When should our kids have social networking accounts, and what do we need to do to make sure their personal information is protected?

One site I believe is doing a good job in highlighting the confusing array of things we need to think about is the SafetyClicks site run by AOL.  I like the fact that the site addresses an array of devices, and that it is written to highlight concerns that would be relevant to the kids themselves.

Do you use SafetyClicks?  Post comments to let us know how you ensure your kids have the right balance of freedom and oversight online (whether they are mobile or not).

by Daniel Neal


One of our good friends out in the blogosphere, Michelle Lamar – and her friend, Molly Wendland – just published their new book, “The White Trash Mom Handbook“.  We are very excited for Michelle and Molly.  Their book is right there for sale on the Big Table Up Front at our local Barnes & Noble.  Any parent who can find the time to achieve that is a big deal.

Michelle, who is a serious parenting  guru in our book (and lots of fun to read), is one of the earliest kajeet supporters.  Now, because kajeet was founded by parents, and most (though not quite all) of us who work here are parents, we pay attention to parental publishing events like this.

Learn a littel more about Michelle and her world at  We’re wishing Michelle huge success with her new book!

For those who don’t live near a Barnes & Noble, or who just want to save a car trip, you can get a copy here on good ol’ Amazon.

We’re hoping Michelle and Wendy find time for a book tour that takes them to some very relaxing, non-trashy places…