by Carol Politi

“A Phone For Kids And Moms” is an article by Forbes highlighting our very own Mom Sales Team here at kajeet!  When we found that many of our customers had come to us because they were referred by other customers, and that most of our purchasers are moms, it occured to us that we should be tapping into this moms network more formally.  Since November we have been testing a program where moms that like the kajeet service go out and sell our phones to other moms.  This has worked out well for both kajeet and many of the moms, who are able to provide a highly personalized introduction to kajeet for potential customers through their personal relationships, school and church relationships, and  social networking channels.  Now that we are starting to slowly expand the team, our experienced salespeople will act as mentors to those that are new.  We hope this will help jump start the sales process for the new moms as they will be able to take advantage of the hard work we have done over the past 8 months.