Tablet Computers and Mobile Technology a Boon For Kids with Special Needs

May 13, 2013

Kajeet loves when kids love advanced technology: it has been proven to engage students and enrich their education — in and out of the classroom! The problem, however, is that socioeconomic factors are conspiring to further polarize a current “digital divide” — and students on the wrong side are either falling behind or falling off. Kajeet believes access to a safe mobile broadband connection and up-to-date mobile devices is not an educational privilege: it is a right. To better understand the scope of this issue, take a look at these examples of the efficacy of mobile devices in the lives of special needs children:tablet edu

Four-year-old Edwin Molina was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and struggles using words to express his needs and wants. His condition also affects his mobility and fine motor skills. Edwin loves to use his tablet computer to communicate, thanks to apps that allow users with fine motor difficulties to use their fist, eyes, or voice to navigate Web pages and apps on the device.

Seven-year-old Angus Barnes has severe autism and little writing ability, but his tablet computer has changed that: his mother, Sarah, said if Angus was given a piece of paper he only drew circles, but on his tablet computer he was suddenly able to write his name.

Treyton Arnold was born with Down Syndrome. His father, Rob, is very happy with how Trey has been taking to his tablet: “[People] often make some type of surprised comment indicating or actually stating they cannot believe he knows how to use it. Listen, the kid is amazing with it. He switches between apps, flips screens, opens the Netflix app and chooses shows to watch, you name it. Give your child some time and you will see how intuitive these devices are. In fact, that is one of the reasons tablets work so well for kids with Down Syndrome and other special needs. They are intuitive, portable, customizable, and among other things very effective. They are a tool that can supplement your other efforts as well as what is learned in school.”

Learn more about Kajeet’s mission to enable students of all kinds here!

One Response to “Tablet Computers and Mobile Technology a Boon For Kids with Special Needs”

  1. Ailin Jasel Says:

    Everything has advanced SO quickly, and i never knew much about technology to begin with. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good reading materials to learn about how everything works.
    Here are a few pieces of technology I want to learn about, and I want some books that tell me about the hardware and the software side of things;
    Computers and laptops
    Mobile Phones (old and new)
    Gaming consoles (old and new, e.g. game cube, nintendo wii, PS1,2 & 3)
    Tablets (Ipad, Samsung Tablets, Windows Tablet)
    I want to learn about both the hardware and the software, if anyone could recommend any books or websites to help me learn. I’d like to achieve a good amount of general knowledge on how technology works.
    Ailin Jasel

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