Nielsen Graph for Kids' Tablet UsageReading. Three great e-reader apps like Amazon Kindle, Google Books, and the Nook are all perfect for your kid to read all their favorite books without the weight or running the risk of library fines. With the new Bring Your Own Device initiatives going on in some states, tablets will prove quite useful.

Gaming. Angry Birds. We’re all shamefully addicted, but it’s a great distraction when you’re out in public. Plus, kids love the high resolution tablet screens. But not to worry, there are also educational gaming apps that can also do the same. A Nielsen study showed that about 57% of kids use their parent’s tablets for educational purposes.

Text Messaging. Yep! You can send text messages from a tablet, because it has a phone number assigned to it, just like a phone. But the great thing about purchasing a Tablet from kajeet  is the safety of  free parental controls. You can still manage who can/can’t text your kid and vice versa.

Kajeet now offers two 7 inch tablets – The Samsung Galaxy 7.0 and the HTC Evo View. Plans are affordable and come with free parental controls.  Call 240-482-3488 to order your tablet today!

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We’ve joined forces with DC SCORES, one of the largest development organizations in Washington DC,  to provide free soccer and arts camps for local kids. The 2012 Couch to Camp program will give approximately 200 kids the opportunity to attend summer camp for free. Kajeet will be matching all donations made to support Couch to Camp up to $5,000.

Watch the DC SCORES Couch to Camp video below. So cute!

To learn more about Kajeet’s partnership with DC SCORES, please go here.

For more information, about DC SCORES go here.

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Got Two Cents?

March 1, 2012

Your Two Cents. Your Opinon. Yep, that’s all you need to Enter to Win a LG Optimus S AndroidTM Smartphone

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