Phones We LOVE: Top 5 Staff Picks

February 9, 2012

In honor of Valentine’s day, the folks over here at kajeet decided to let you in on the five phones we heart!

Daniel Neal, CEO Kajeet

Name: Daniel AKA Head Dude in Charge
Phone You Love: Black Samsung Conquer Android Smartphone
Favorite Feature: The textured back. Plus, Android is a great mobile OS (and my favorite chess program was written by a Google developer).
Phone Fact About Me: As a kid, I actually did make a “phone” from tin cans and string.  But I like the newer technology much better…




Name: MattKajeet Pink Samsung Replenish
Phone You Love: Berry Samsung Replenish
Favorite Feature: The huge screen for widgets to post stuff on Facebook. And the pink design. Only a real man can rock a pink phone!
Fun Phone Fact About Me: One time, my friends and I were running into the beach, and I totally forgot I had my smartphone in my pocket. Fortunately, my tears of sorrow were mistaken for ocean water.




Kajeet Kyocera Milano


Name: Wayne
Phone You Love: Kyocera Milano
Favorite Feature: Slide out keyboard and size of the phone (fits perfectly in the palm of my hand!)
Fun Phone Fact About Me: I check my phone right before bed and first thing when I wake up…





Kajeet Purple LG Optimus


Name: Tomara AKA Sweet T AKA Tallulah
Phone You Love: Purple LG Optimus (duh!!)
Favorite Feature: Touch screen keyboard; easy to text plus I hate texting on little keys (don’t see how blackberry owners function)
Fun Phone Fact About Me: I wanted a cell phone soooo bad when I was in high school! I would walk around with my mom’s phone and act like I was talking to someone, until one day it actually rang. Embarrassing!




Samsung Seek

Name: Mano P a.k.a  Mano
Phone You Love: Blue Samsung Seek
Favorite Feature:  Love the touch screen – keyboard combo
Fun Phone Fact About Me: I decorate the back of  my phone with dude stickers (shhhh!)





Check out the rest of our staff and the phones they love!

** All Photos Courtesy of Samsung Conquer 3.2 MP Camera**

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