Thank Goodness for Unlimited Texting!

December 29, 2010

Look at how many text messages teenagers send out a day! It is hard to believe! Kids just really love to stay in touch with their friends at all times. While it is certainly an intimidating statistic when buying a cell phone service for your family, our unlimited text plans allows your kids to text to their heart’s content without the danger of out-of-control phone bills. Here is a quick look at our new family-friendly cell phone plans for kids:

  • $14.99/month – Unlimited Texting & 60 Anytime Talk Minutes
  • $19.99/month – Unlimited Texting, Picture Messages & 150 Anytime Talk Minutes
  • $24.99/month – Unlimited Texting, Picture Messages, GPS Phone Locates & 300 Anytime Talk Minutes
  • $50/month – Unlimited Texting, Picture Messages, GPS Phone Locates,  and Talk minutes!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

One Response to “Thank Goodness for Unlimited Texting!”

  1. Brismom Says:

    This isn’t overrated! My 13 yr. old girl gets frustrated because she has to clean her in/out boxes so often, as many texts that are sent & received. I found the number quite astonishing when I peeked at her message center one day after she’d emptied both (no, I did not read the messages). Her inbox must have had almost 150, and her outbox was close to 100…One Day!! after emptying both!

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