Kajeet 101: The Parent and Kid Wallet

November 5, 2010

As a kajeet customer you are given a powerful array of cell phone parental controls to safely ease your kids into new technology…all for free! One feature – the WalletManager –  allows parents to teach their children to use cell phones in a responsible manner without incurring an expensive phone bill.








Here is how the WalletManager works:

Every kajeet phone comes with two wallets – a Parent Wallet and a Kid Wallet. Each wallet serves a different purpose and pays for different services.

Kid Wallet: If your kid does one of the following, charges are deducted from this wallet:

  • Uses features like Mobile Web or Picture Messaging that are not part of his or her monthly service plan
  • Buys a game or children ringtones
  • Exceeds the number of minutes or texts allotted in his or her service plan

Parent Wallet: This “buffer” fund can be used to help out in the following situations:

  • If your kid needs to reach you and has used up all of his or her minutes or texts (this wallet makes sure you can always stay in touch);
  • If you want to pay for certain calls or text messages. Want to be sure your son calls grandma on her birthday? You can designate that the ParentWallet is charged for those minutes.

This is just one of the many reasons why kajeet is a great cell phone service for kids! Click here to learn more.

kajeet – The cell phone service made for kids

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