New Parent Dashboard!

February 2, 2010

by Carol Politi

New Parent DashboardLogin to your kajeet account to see the all new Parent Dashboard!

We have revised the Account Details and Parental Controls pages to make it easier for you to manage your child’s account including monitoring Account Activity, purchasing and changing plans, and controlling the time, features, and spending for each phone on the account.

Please comment here to let us know what you think!

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11 Responses to “New Parent Dashboard!”

  1. Wendee Says:

    I will get used to it and stuff seems easier to navigate to, but I guess now I cannot send texts to my kids through the website? That is a BIG BUMMER for me. Maybe you have just hidden it, but I’ve sat here & searched for awhile and can’t find it.

    If you got rid of this feature….why?

  2. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Wendee,

    Our apologies – this page is temporarily not available but it will be back. Part 2 of the new user experience will be available in end February.I’ll blog here when text from becomes available again.


  3. Allison Says:

    New look is ok. I am disappointed that I can no longer send a text to my daughter via the internet. We have come to depend on this ability to communicate.


  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Thanks for the comment. Everyone can still send a text from their email system. Just send your text to and use “plain text” as the type of email (not HTML). Just remember to keep it short!

    We will bring the web-based text form back – but in the meantime you can text away from your email system.


  5. Carol Politi Says:

    Further update! The page is actually still available but not in our new format – and the link is not discoverable. If you want to use the prior texting page go to:

  6. Gail Says:

    Sending texts directly from my email has never worked for me. They always bounce back. Like the other posters, we have become reliant on this communication. Please restore this capability sooner than the end of the month!

  7. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Gail,

    Two notes:

    1. You can still access this at the following address:

    We will put the menu link back in shortly!

    2. Send all email as a “plain text” formatted email. Most email systems default to HTML but have an option for plain text.


  8. Wendee Says:

    I switched to “plain text” as Carol suggested and the email/texts are going through to my daughter just fine. THANK YOU, Carol (and Kajeet) for both fixes till you get the new page up & running.

  9. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Hailey,

    If the phone is out of warranty we unfortunately can’t return it to the manufacturer for a refund. We may have specials that could interest you – please check back at our website or buy through one of our mom sales team members!


  10. Stefanie Says:

    I like the new design, with one drawback. We have two accounts, one of them is not active and has not been active for over 6 months now. The accounts in “overview” are sorted alphabetically, and the obsolete account starts with M, the current one with N, so there is an extra step getting to the account I need to manage. (I tried to get the obsolete account deleted some time ago, but that was not successful.)Since the new site is “fancier”, it takes longer to load. For us it is considerably longer since we rely on satelite based internet due to living “in the woods”, and the satelite connection is a lot slower than “regular / city” internet.
    Otherwise, I like the design.

  11. Carol Politi Says:


    Thanks for your comment. I’ve asked our product team to look at the site performance as we continue to evolve it so that we can make sure it is optimized for those on thin connections. Also – we can deactivate that account for you and will reach out offline!


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