Activating Your New kajeet Phone

December 22, 2009

by Carol Politi

If you got someone a kajeet phone for Christmas, or if you received one, the first thing you need to do is to activate your phone.  You can do this entirely online!

Both new kajeet customers activating a new kajeet phone and existing customers that are “swapping” or swapping or upgrading to a new kajeet phone can do this online.

What is “activation”?

Prior to use, each kajeet account needs to be set up with parent (or guardian) information and assigned a phone number.  Once you activate you will automatically be enrolled in the rate plan you chose when the phone was purchased.  If you did not select a rate plan at the time of purchase, simply login from your PC and select a plan.

What is the best way to activate my phone?

Online activation is your best option.  New customers can activate online here at   Existing kajeet customers that have purchased a new phone and want to upgrade to it (and keep their phone number) can login to and upgrade their phone (see my recent blog post describing how to do this).

What if I am moving/porting my existing number to kajeet?

You will need to contact kajeet customer care if you are porting (moving) a number from another cell phone service provider to kajeet.  Have a copy of your bill and/or account login information with you when you contact kajeet customer care. While we are working to make this process as fast as possible, it can take up to 3-4 days to port a number.  (We are dependent upon other telecommunications companies and they are all busy at this time of year).

How can you reach care and what are the kajeet Holiday Care Hours?

Our care department can be reached at 1-866-452-5338 or  kajeet Customer Care is closed on Christmas Day to give our hardworking care personnel from Canton, Ohio the day off with their families.

Our Holiday Care Hours are as follows

  • December 21st – Dec. 24th: 9:00am – 10:00pm
  • Christmas (December 25th) – Closed
  • December 26th – 8:00am – 10:00pm
  • December 27th – 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • December 28th – 30th – 9:00am – 8:00pm
  • December 31st – 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • January 1 – Closed

Care is already busy and we do expect them to continue to be busy after the holidays.  Avoid the wait and activate online!


If you decided to give a kajeet phone as a gift this holiday, we thank you!   Have a happy holiday!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

17 Responses to “Activating Your New kajeet Phone”

  1. Marisol Reed Says:

    Do you offer phone insurance and additional cables to connect the phones to the computer to download the pictures and videos from the phone?

  2. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Marisol,

    We don’t offer insurance – as a non contract phone we don’t know how long customers will remain on the service so it is not possible to come up with an insurance product. However, since your phone is not subsidized, you will also not have to pay a high fee to replace it! Replacing a phone is the same cost as purchasing it the first time. (Contract plans require that you pay the “unsubsidized rate” which can be many hundreds of dollars more than you originally paid for the phone.)

    Sometimes the handset software restricts the transfer of pictures/videos. However, where this is allowed we often rely on bluetooth to get these off the handsets. If you are purchasing the LG Rumor, it has a microSD card card that is useful for this purpose.

  3. Ashley Says:

    I just signed up to receive a Kajeet phone and I have not yet received but have a few questions. At anytime can I cut the phone off without havingto pay for anything? When I cut the phone back on does the billing start over or do I still have to pay for the phone while it’s not in use?

    Sorry my email was wrong the first time.

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Ashley,

    The kajeet service has no annual contract and no termination fee. This means you can start and stop the service at any time. If you are on one of our plans, you can stop the service by removing your credit card from the plan (call care or remove it through The service will default to our “daily” plan at that time unless you call care and put the service on “suspend” or “terminate”.

    When you turn the phone back on, the billing will start over again. If you terminate the plan you may need to get a new telephone number at that time. If you simply suspend, or remove your credit card/use up the money in your wallet, the phone number will be held for up to 90 days.

    Thanks for becoming a kajeet customer! Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  5. Julie Wright Says:

    My son dropped his cell phone in a puddle and now it does not work. Can we replace the phone? Or do we need to go through the whole process again?

  6. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Julie,

    You can buy any kajeet phone and call care to do a “swap” – or swap online using the following instructions:

    You son can keep his phone number and your account login will be the same.


  7. Jeff N. Says:

    I own an LG Scoop(formally an Alltel phone) which is identical to the LG Rumor. Can I use my phone with your service. Can the firmware be updated to work?

  8. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    The phones are typically locked so we would not be able to activate a non-kajeet phone on kajeet.


  9. dee Says:

    i recently got my daughter a blackberry, we had alltel but quit for kajeet, kajeet phones are expensive well for a 13 year old who wants a phone with a qwerty keyboard… there anyway to use alltel phones?

  10. Jill Tecler Says:

    Unfortunately, phones from other services are typically locked, so we would not be able to activate a non-kajeet phone on kajeet.

  11. Judy Says:

    What is needed for kajeet cell phone activation? Do I need a credit card, or can I just use prepaid cards, like for att go phones? (14.99 a month plan) Where are prepaid cards available for purchase?

  12. Jill Tecler Says:

    Hi Judy –

    Thanks for your question! In order to activate your kajeet phone, you will need a credit card. Unfortunately, prepaid cards will not work. Hope that helps!

  13. Judy Says:

    Are there any other payment options besides using a credit card?

  14. Jill Tecler Says:

    Hi Judy –

    Our popular $14.99 unlimited text/60 minute plan is one of our monthly recurring services, for which a credit card is required (there are currently no other payment options). But remember, with kajeet, you may change or cancel your plan at any time, with no additional fees for doing so.

  15. Margit Says:

    Can I transfer my sons kajeet service to my old cell phone. It is an LG from Verizon.

  16. Jill Tecler Says:

    Hi Margit –

    Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your son’s kajeet service to a Verizon phone. Phones from other carriers are typically locked and we cannot activate a non-kajeet phone on kajeet.

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