LG 260 Rumor or Sanyo 2700?

October 9, 2009

LG Rumorscp-2700frontpinkscp-2700-front-blueby Carol Politi

I recently replied to a comment on this blog questioning how one should select between the LG260 Rumor and the Sanyo 2700.  We have had this question a lot so I’ve decided to republish the device comparison as a full fledged blog posting.

Both are great looking QWERTY devices, but there are many differences between the two that might influence which would be the best device for your kid.


  • The LG 260 Rumor has a bar design that slides open to reveal a QWERTY text keyboard.  The key features of the device include Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, speakerphone, a music player, and a memory card slot.  This is a great voice and text phone that also supports a nice music player.  People that want to both call/text and play music will prefer this phone.
  • The Sanyo 2700 also is a bar design and has a QWERTY that is used for all key functions (similar to most smartphone keypad designs). The key features of the device include Bluetooth, a QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera and speaker-independent voice control.  This is a phone for people that want voice and text as the primary functions, and it also has a nice display for web browsing as well.


The primary differences are as follows:

  1. Display.  The Sanyo 2700 has a 2.2” display.  The Rumor has a 2″ display.  The larger display is nice to have (especially for web browsing).  There is a bit of a difference in the colors supported but this should not materially impact the user experience.
  2. Texting. Both devices are very solid texting devices.  The Rumor supports the pull out QWERTY keyboard while the 2700 has a native QWERTY keyboard that is used for all functions.  The native keyboard is nice as it removes a task when texting (the need to pull out the keyboard). However, the keyboard on on the Rumor is a bit more spread out and may be preferred by those with larger hands.  Whether you prefer one or the other is going to come down to a personal preference on style.
  3. Micro-SD. The LG 260 Rumor has a micro-SD card slot. The Sanyo 2700 does not. The SD card is handy for both pictures and music.
  4. Internet Access.  The screen on the Sanyo 2700 is larger than that on the Rumor which gives it a bit of an edge when it comes to browsing.  There is no real difference in the browser technology/performance.
  5. Music. The Rumor has a nice music player (and supports the micro-SD card which you need to transfer songs).  You can create play lists, etc. With stereo headphones this is a nice experience, and it allows you to play back music you have purchased (perhaps your own CDs, etc. – assuming you have the digital rights to use it on the phone).  If you want to play music, you will need the Rumor.
  6. Video. The Rumor supports video capture. The Sanyo 2700 does not.

The Sanyo 2700 also has a nice voice dialing feature – it supports what is called “speaker independent” voice dialing which means it automatically attempts to match the name you speak with the entry in your phone book you would like to dial.

Please comment here to let us know which device you have and the features you like or would like to see in future devices.

11 Responses to “LG 260 Rumor or Sanyo 2700?”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I’m a big texter and although I think the LG Rumor is great, I would like to point out that it does not have threaded texting, whereas the Sanyo does. So that would be my deciding factor, because I text a lot.

  2. Carol Politi Says:


    That is a very good point. I have actually personally switched over to the 2700 and love it for just this reason. The threaded texting makes a very big difference.


  3. Rich Says:

    Is the LG 260 still available for purchase? It is no longer listed on the Kajeet website.

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Rich,

    We are temporarily out of stock, however, we are in the process of bringing up the LG265 (Rumor 2) devices and will also have additional refurbished LG260 (Rumor 1) devices available shortly.


  5. Jon Says:

    I want a Rumor or Rumor 2 for a Christmas gift. Are they available? thanks

  6. Carol Politi Says:

    Yes. Rumors are going up again shortly – great colors! Keep checking back!

  7. Matt Says:

    will u be selling the lg rumor 2? and if so how much would it be;is the lg rumor still in stock?

  8. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Yes – we will be selling the Rumor 2 – it will be on the site very shortly for $199.99. We do have LG Rumor refurbished units available right now but no longer have any Rumor 1 new units.


  9. Jharese Says:

    Hi my parents just purchased the Sanyo 2700 and i only have texting and calling on the plan. But i was curious about holding music on the phone. why doesnt it come with a memory card slot??? i mean if you’re going to create a phone that it made for avid tecters then you should know that avid texters like to hold music on their phone for when the txt or call comes in. i asked my friend to bluetooth a song to me and it kept saying that it was failing. Which brings me to my next question…why does the phone have a bluetooth feature if it doesnt hold music?? ; and dont tell me that ppl (the creators) dont realize that bluetooth could be used for sharing music because that is what people normally do! Another problem i have is that they say that this phone was made for texters and is great for a younger crowd, then why wouldnt they install a memory card slot in there for music and all the other things that “young people” like to do. To be honest with you i really do like this phone because its my first one, but when i get an upgrade i would not recommend anyone to get it because of the limited space it has. I understand that people still want the rumor to be a really good phone on the market but if you are going to create this phone and you are trying to appeal to texters which mostly includes a younger crowd then i would have put a memory card slot in there to hold music and other things that “young people” like to do.

    from Jharese (14) St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands

  10. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Jharese,

    The big difference between this phone and the Rumor is the memory card slot/music capabilities. Obviously the Sanyo supports ringtones, but it can’t be used as a full music player. The driver is the cost of the phone – every added feature costs money so it is possible to deliver this handset at a lower price point without the memory slot & music player capabilities. On the plus side the threaded texting (also available on the Rumor 2) and the large display are both nice features.

    Bluetooth is handy for a variety of other things – it is great for transferring contacts when you upgrade or change phones, for using a handsfree headset (my guess is that you are not driving, but these are getting more popular for all kinds of reasons), and a fair number of people also use bluetooth for remote control s/w now. (I have not played with getting remote control software working on a 2700 – please comment here if you have successfully been able to get this working and give us a few pointers!).


  11. Chris Says:

    I have the Sanyo 2700, and it’s pretty good. I text A LOT, and I personally like the keyboard of this phone over the Rumor. I just wish that mine supported music or video. 😦

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