Unique kajeet Applications

October 14, 2009

by Carol Politi

Our customers are finding all sorts of unique uses for the features we brought to the market for kids.   The applications range from simple extensions into a new consumer market to businesses that are making use of the administrative capabilities we provide on kajeet.com.   kajeet is being used by seniors, by family caregivers, by trucking companies, by window and door companies, and more!  I’ve profiled a few of these applications here.

kajeet has become kajeet for seniors for a number of our customers.  The Samsung M300 is especially popular with seniors because it has large numbers on the keypad that are very easy to see.  The flip phone functionality allows you to open the phone and answer the call all in one motion – without having to search for the call button.  The basic $4.99 plan is easy on the wallet so is perfect for an emergency phone.  Because this service fee is pulled directly from a credit card there are no potentially confusing prepaid cards to worry about.  The GPS provides location information that can ease the mind of adult caregivers.

kajeet is being used by both children and adults with developmental disabilities as it helps them get out and safely engage more and more with their communities.   The M300 is again a good choice here – as it has an easy to use keypad & simple user interface.  Caregivers can fund the parent wallet as an emergency wallet and be sure that it will never run out of funds.  And the call list can be used to ensure the phone can only be used to call certain numbers if this is desirable.  For those new to navigating around their community, the GPS can be used make sure caregivers can find individuals and more easily get them assistance if they become lost.

On the other side of the spectrum, a number of small businesses are using kajeet to stay connected with their employees.  kajeet’s parent account is being used an administrative account – providing a single interface for an administrator to manage all the cell phones used by their employees.  It’s even possible to message employees from kajeet.com, allowing administrators to reach out directly to employees from their desktop.  The call list allows companies to limit the calls they pay for to a specific list of numbers, and the wallets allow employees to fund their own “wallet” to pay for personal calls.  Finally, GPS makes sure companies can check in on employees that might be busy on site and verify they can get to another job in a reasonable time frame.   (We designed our tools for parents who are the “administrators” of their households so it should be no surprise that company administrators like the kajeet.com management tools!).

At kajeet, we are still all about kids.  However, we love seeing that the unique features we have brought to market for kids are being used in such unique ways.  Comment here and let us know how you are using kajeet!

LG Rumorscp-2700frontpinkscp-2700-front-blueby Carol Politi

I recently replied to a comment on this blog questioning how one should select between the LG260 Rumor and the Sanyo 2700.  We have had this question a lot so I’ve decided to republish the device comparison as a full fledged blog posting.

Both are great looking QWERTY devices, but there are many differences between the two that might influence which would be the best device for your kid.


  • The LG 260 Rumor has a bar design that slides open to reveal a QWERTY text keyboard.  The key features of the device include Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, speakerphone, a music player, and a memory card slot.  This is a great voice and text phone that also supports a nice music player.  People that want to both call/text and play music will prefer this phone.
  • The Sanyo 2700 also is a bar design and has a QWERTY that is used for all key functions (similar to most smartphone keypad designs). The key features of the device include Bluetooth, a QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera and speaker-independent voice control.  This is a phone for people that want voice and text as the primary functions, and it also has a nice display for web browsing as well.


The primary differences are as follows:

  1. Display.  The Sanyo 2700 has a 2.2” display.  The Rumor has a 2″ display.  The larger display is nice to have (especially for web browsing).  There is a bit of a difference in the colors supported but this should not materially impact the user experience.
  2. Texting. Both devices are very solid texting devices.  The Rumor supports the pull out QWERTY keyboard while the 2700 has a native QWERTY keyboard that is used for all functions.  The native keyboard is nice as it removes a task when texting (the need to pull out the keyboard). However, the keyboard on on the Rumor is a bit more spread out and may be preferred by those with larger hands.  Whether you prefer one or the other is going to come down to a personal preference on style.
  3. Micro-SD. The LG 260 Rumor has a micro-SD card slot. The Sanyo 2700 does not. The SD card is handy for both pictures and music.
  4. Internet Access.  The screen on the Sanyo 2700 is larger than that on the Rumor which gives it a bit of an edge when it comes to browsing.  There is no real difference in the browser technology/performance.
  5. Music. The Rumor has a nice music player (and supports the micro-SD card which you need to transfer songs).  You can create play lists, etc. With stereo headphones this is a nice experience, and it allows you to play back music you have purchased (perhaps your own CDs, etc. – assuming you have the digital rights to use it on the phone).  If you want to play music, you will need the Rumor.
  6. Video. The Rumor supports video capture. The Sanyo 2700 does not.

The Sanyo 2700 also has a nice voice dialing feature – it supports what is called “speaker independent” voice dialing which means it automatically attempts to match the name you speak with the entry in your phone book you would like to dial.

Please comment here to let us know which device you have and the features you like or would like to see in future devices.

Sanyo 2700

October 6, 2009

Sanyo 2700Sanyo 2700 BlueBy Carol Politi

Have you checked out kajeet’s new Sanyo 2700 devices on kajeet.com?  These are great!!!  (And they are on sale for $10 off during our launch period – through October 12!)

Here is what the reviewers are saying:

“The Sanyo SCP-2700 is slim and lightweight, with a great keyboard and an easy-to-use interface. It offers extensive messaging support, including support for corporate e-mail. It’s also very affordable.”  CNET

PhoneScoop provides a good physical description of the phone in its review:  “It is small, somewhat sleek, relatively attractive, and very light weight. In other words, it is easy to carry around. The sides and edges are rounded, making it comfortable to hold in your hand. The back plate covering the battery has some slight texture to it due to the checkered pattern, but the rest of the plastics are smooth. This phone was made to fit in your jeans pocket.”

The Sanyo 2700 is great for kids that love to text and it also comes with the kajeet service and free parental controls allowing you to configure limits, turn off texting at night, and more.

Comment here & let us know how you like the 2700!

Green Tip of the Week

October 5, 2009

Green TeenBy Carol Politi

“Host a Clothing Swap”

Update your closet and help the planet by hosting a clothing swap.  Get friends together with clothes they don’t want and exchange.  Check out swaporamarama.org for a clothes swap in your area.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen.

(Of course, talk to Mom before you give anything away!)

What do you do with clothing your kids outgrow?  Let us know your tips!