September 29, 2009



by Carol Politi

Another series of articles have come out describing all the distractions today’s kids have to deal with not only throughout their day, but also throughout their night.   A recent article “Night-texting’ taking its toll on N.J. teens” highlights kids that are texting even while they are sleeping.

Research has shown that the lack of sleep impacts not only kid’s school work but also their emotional and physical health. has a good summary of teen sleep needs.

Kids are going to wake up if they get notified of a text message on their phone.  Some parents have a rule that all phones must be powered down and put in a designated spot before the kids retire for the evening.  That can work!  Another option for kajeet parents is to establish a TimeManager policy that prevents the phone from sending or receiving texts during certain hours.  Many kajeet parents put on a block during the nights and during school hours.  (Emergency numbers that the parent designates can get through.)

I think we would all love it if our kids would just learn to apply reasonable limits – this is an important part of growing up.  However, with texting, we have to be worried not only about our own kid’s behavior, but also that of their friends in homes with different policies and limits.  Sometimes it makes sense to give them a little help!  Please login to or call kajeet customer care at 1-866-452-5338 to configure TimeManager on your kajeet device.

2 Responses to “Sleep”

  1. melody Says:

    yea i totally noe i have to put my phone away at night so i dont text my friends are night owls and my cousin brooke wakes up like every ten mons to text someone and she stays up half the night i dont get how she does it

  2. Carol Politi Says:

    Thanks for commenting Melody. For the most part, both kids and parents seem to realize this is an issue – but it can be difficult to put the phone away. Congratulations on being able to do it!

    Here is another good article on this topic from the Seattle Times called “Teens, texting and the sleep connection”:

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