Back to School Prep

August 27, 2009

by Carol Politi

TimeManagerAs you are populating your calendar with all the school activities for the fall, take a few minutes to add school blocks and holidays to the TimeManager for your kid’s kajeet phone (go to, Configurator, TimeManager to do this).  You can block calls and messages during school hours and after certain times of night to make sure your kids focus on school and are not interrupted at night with texts or calls from friends.   (Note that your emergency or “always allowed” numbers will get through a calendar block).

This is also a great time to get familiar with the site – especially Account Activity which gives you a detailed list of how the phone is being used at various times of day.  It will let you know if your child is using picture messaging and whether it might be useful to do some coaching on cell phones and pictures.  If you have a teen that is driving, you can check Account Activity to make sure the phone is not being used while your teen is driving.

Good luck with back to school!

4 Responses to “Back to School Prep”

  1. Jeff Says:


    I signed up with Kajeet last month for my daughter’s first phone because of the great advertised feature of being able to control who can contact my daughter via voice and text.

    I was shocked to discover recently however, that I am limited to just 20 contacts in the ContactManager.

    I realize I can “trick” the system into accepting 40 using “Allow” and “Allow All”, but I am writing to express my significant dissatisfaction that there is any limit at all on this feature, as it is really the primary reason for using Kajeet.

    If this limit is not removed, I will be forced to leave Kajeet quite soon. Please address this serious deficiency as soon as possible.

  2. Carol Politi Says:


    Thanks for your feedback. We see the ContactManager most often used as follows:

    1) Bully Block for older tweens/teens. To block callers that might be bullying kids. Many of our parents leave their kids phone book “open” but use our ContactManager function to block certain callers that may be bothering their kids. These are often other kids that for some reason are using the cell phone to bully another child and the contact list allows the parents to block these numbers.

    2. Specifically “allowed” list for younger kids/tweens. We find parents of younger kids often establish an Allowed list of a select set of numbers (mom, dad, grandma, etc.) until their kid becomes social enough that the numbers become more unwieldy to manage.

    Note that we also have account activity you can view on-line so that you can see all detailed call, text, and activity records for your child when you login to your kajeet account.

    We do see requests from time to time for extension of the call list and have therefore been working to get this extended but I can’t promise movement on it in the very near future. I hope this does not prevent you from taking advantage of our service.

  3. SKNLLN Says:

    Is this something new or am I not getting it? We got our 10-year old daughter a Kajeet phone in January and have listed more than two dozen in the Contact Manager for her.

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi – there are no new limits on Contact Manager – there has always been an upper limit of approximately 20 contacts in the specifically allowed list. The system will warn you when you have hit the upper limit. Carol

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