iParenting Media Safety Awardby Carol Politi

kajeet has been awarded the iParenting Media Award for 2009 Excellent Products in the Safety category.  This is the third parenting award kajeet has won in the last eight months!

The product reviewers had the following to say about kajeet:

“Kajeet does a great job of giving kids the feelings of self-confidence and respect that come with owning a cell phone,” said one iParenting Media Awards Reviewer. “It also helps parents feel safe and in control, because they can give their kids as much or as little freedom they need.”

“This product is a great way to give parents peace of mind knowing that they can access their children when necessary,” said another iParenting Media Awards Reviewer. “It also allows children to contact their parents in case of an emergency.”

“My favorite feature is the time-out blocks. They allow me to control what hours the phone can be used by my children, but still allow them access to us, their parents, in case of an emergency,” said the third iParenting Media Awards Reviewer.

iParenting Awards, a Disney Interactive Media Group property, is part of the Disney Online network of family-focused Web sites, including Disney Family.com and FamilyFun.com.  The iParenting Award provides kajeet with visibility with the array of parents that use these websites to help find solutions to common parenting dilemmas and to find fun things to do with their kids.  (If you don’t already use these sites – check them out!  Family Fun is profiling great activities for the 4th of July and also has good tips on cost effective family and kid activities).

Thanks to the everyone in the kajeet customer base for your feedback and help in building our service into the one it is today.  We would not be a recipient of these parenting awards without you!

by Carol Politi

Most parents come to kajeet to get access to the latest in parental control features, but also want to be sure the kajeet service contains enough fun stuff to make their kids happy.  In that light, kajeet phones now provide access to a limited array of mobile web sites that provide the following information & entertainment:

  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Dictionary
  • Nature
  • Wikipedia

Kids that want to check out the latest game scores, work on their homework, learn about animals, or figure out what the weather will be for practice this afternoon are all covered!

Remember, if you do not want your child to use Surfing on their phone you can turn it off using FeatureManager as follows:

  • Login to the kajeet website
  • Go to Configurator and then FeatureManager
  • Change “ability to use” to OFF for the Surfing feature.

Please let us know how your child enjoys the service and what else you and your child might like to see added.

Green TeenBy Carol Politi

This week’s green tip on the kajeet phone is:

“Save your parents time and money by researching their green shopping options for them.  Check out local stores and the web to find sources for green goods and then use your info to create a buying guide for your family.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen

Given the high focus placed on greening schools, I think many parents are learning how to be  bit more green from their kids.  My son’s school has  great program called “No Waste Wednesdays” which they are using to introduce the concept of no waste in lunch boxes.  They promote re-usable containers (no plastic bags) and eliminating single serving containers.   (If you have ever volunteered at a kids lunch hour you know the volumes of waste can be astounding).  It has worked in our household!  The kids push back when you use a plastic bag.  And once you have the containers, moving from Wednesdays to every day is actually pretty easy.

Has your child given you any green tips?  Do they like our Green Tips channel on the phone?  Please let us know!

By Carol Politi


“Teens whose parents let them stay up after midnight on weeknights have a much higher chance of being depressed or suicidal than teens whose parents enforce an earlier bedtime, says research being presented today at a national sleep conference.” from an article in today’s USA Today.

It is hard to be a kid today – there are so many distractions. And this study is shocking with respect to the impact of sleep deprivation.  One extract:

“Middle- and high-schoolers whose parents don’t require them to be in bed before midnight on school nights are 42% more likely to be depressed than teens whose parents require a 10 p.m. or earlier bedtime. And teens who are allowed to stay up late are 30% more likely to have had suicidal thoughts in the past year.”

Cell phones – while typically acquired for safety purposes – can be a distraction at night. Even kids that mean to play by the rules have a hard time not picking up a phone when a text comes in at 11, 12, or later…

If you are a kajeet customer, you have tools that can help your child avoid this kind of distraction. You can set your TimeManager controls to block calls, texts, and pictures during sleeping hours. To do this you simply login to your kajeet account, click on the Configurator, and then set up TimeManager controls.

If you need assistance with setting up any of your kajeet controls, please contact customer care at 1-866-452-5338. They will be happy to set the account up for you.

Note that both kajeet and non-kajeet customers can also put a policy in place where all cell phones are left in a certain place each night – far from the bedrooms. Ideally they would be shut off so they can’t ring and distract anyone in the house. This is an honor policy and might just be too tempting for some kids – if so – consider the controls above!

How do you make sure your kids get enough sleep? We would love to hear your tips.

by Carol Politi.

“Kajeet is the best phone for tweens, period.”  NAPPA Software Judge

Parenthood.com has featured kajeet this month in its profile of award winning products for kids.  The above quote is from one of the National Parenting Publication Award’s judges that evaluated the kajeet service.

kajeet has received some great reviews recently – both from our customers and from both NAPPA and PTPA Media independent judges and parent reviewers.  Help us spread the word!  If you are a kajeet customer, please tell your family and friends about us.  When they activate, tell them to input your phone number during activation and you will get a bonus credit to spend on kajeet service.

Parenthood.com has profiled other NAPPA award winners this month as well.  There are some great products on the site – and you can use their tool to search for kid products in various categories including books, DVDs, music, parenting resources, software/video games, story telling/audio books, and toys and games.  Check them out!