kajeet Customer Feedback

May 14, 2009

by Carol Politi

Some of the feedback we get from customers is wonderful – and we love to share this with our existing and potential customers and our staff.  We also take all of our negative feedback seriously and work hard to solve any customer issues that may have cropped up.   I’ve recently reviewed feedback from our customers and will share a bit of both today.

From kajeet customer April:

“A young friend of my daughter’s suddenly decided that she didn’t like her anymore, but unfortunately she had my daughter’s phone number. To stop the annoying phone calls, I simply blocked the number. Problem solved.”

Thanks for your feedback April!  This is a great way to stop bullying which is an increasing problem these days.  Just log in to your kajeet account and go to ContactManager.  Add a contact number and select “no” and your child will stop receiving calls, texts, and pictures from that number.

From kajeet customer Yolanda:

“I love Kajeet’s service. My daughter recently traveled with her school to Florida. She was able to telephone me in South Carolina several times per day. The connection was as clear as if she were in the next room. She did not encounter any “dead zones” even while visiting one of the most popular and busy parks in Orlando. I was able to monitor her whereabouts from my home computer. I was also able to check her phone log and easily add money to her account when I chose to. Kajeet phone service is perfect for more than just staying in touch with your “tween or teen””

Thanks Yolanda!  & thanks for being our customer.

From kajeet customer Roxanne:

“I was happy to find Kajeet because of the plans that it offers with no contracts and the restrictions that you can put on the phone. I ended up purchasing a phone for my 10 and 12 year old to have for emergencies as they ride their bikes to school. The phones have come in handy and being that there are no contracts, it makes it easy when their is a discipline issue. I recently had to revoke one of the phones from one of my children and her cell phone rights are on hold and fortunately, I am not having to continue paying for a phone that we are not using and I can re-sign up for an inexpensive monthly plan when the issues are overcome. Thank you for the parental controls, affordability, and flexibility of your plans.”

Thanks Roxanne!  Here is a tip for those customers that don’t know about our hold service.  You can call kajeet customer care and put your child’s phone on “hold” for those times when you leave town – or when the two of you have just agreed the phone does not make sense for a bit of time.

From kajeet customer Shannon

I’m unhappy now that I can’t go to Target and/or CVS to purchase a pre-paid card. I’m a single mother, I do not use credit cards so that I can stay debt free, so I can NOT purchase time online. I really depended on those pre-paid cards and you’ve TAKEN THEM AWAY.”

Shannon – I’m so sorry that you counted on these.  We did make a business decision to remove cards from those channels.  A very high percent of our customers were using credit cards and online refill and there is a lot of overhead required to print and maintain hard cards in retail.  However, we do have options that I hope might work for you.  Best Buy offers a $25 Prepaid Wireless Airtime Card which supports kajeet.  This is sold in virtually all Best Buy stores.  We also sell kajeet cards directly on our eBay store and you may use paypal to make purchases from this store.  You can find a link to our ebay store here: https://www.kajeet.com/gift-refill.html.

Thanks for all of your feedback – both positive and negative.  The positive feedback keeps us working hard to continue to meet your expectations and the negative feedback drives us to work to improve.

17 Responses to “kajeet Customer Feedback”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    We have LOVED my doughter’s Kajeet phone for the past 18 months…very reliable, great tool to teach her how to manage her money and time, etc.

    Question: recently we have had our only problem – she calls, my Blackberry doesn’t pick up the call. Her phone shows the calls going out – my Blackberry shows no record..and we definitely were not in a blackout zone. Both phones were fully charged, the accounts had plenty of $$, we’ve made calls back and forth in the same area/roads before.

    Any ideas?? Thanks.

  2. Carol Politi Says:


    Please contact kajeet customer care at 1-866-4kajeet or care@kajeet.com so they can investigate and make sure there are no configuration issues affecting your daughter’s account. They can also look into whether there were any network outages reported on the kajeet portion of the connection during the times you experienced these issues.


  3. Cathy Says:

    I have really loved having Kajeet for my tween daughter for the last 18 months, and would love to have her continue using it because of the various controls offered. However, being limited to 20 contacts in the “allowed” category (with time restrictions) is NOT PRACTICAL. In various (and usually not predictable) situations, she needs to be able to contact different girls on her soccer team. That’s 15 other girls. That leaves her with only five school and/or friend contacts! Surely in this day and age of computerization, increasing the limit should not be a difficult thing to do. This one limitation could be the decisive factor in us leaving (and not recommending) an otherwise wonderful service. Please please change this!

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for your feedback. We would like to expand this list but there is an underlying telecommunications system that is currently limiting it.

    Many of our customers move to using the ContactManager list as a “blocked number” list as their kids mature and become more social. If this works for your family, you can do this from the ContactManager within Configurator (by clicking on “allow all else”). In this case, you will see the detail on each call, text message, and picture message within Account Activity so you can monitor the phone usage. (We understand that what works for one family does not necessarily work for the next and do have plenty of families that maintain the more specific contact list.)


  5. Carol Politi Says:

    Quick update for all interested in this topic. It looks as though we the underlying system has actually been enhanced, and that we will be able to make available at least 30 numbers. I will confirm the details when the engineering group has made the changes necessary to take advantage of this. Thanks for pushing us on this!

  6. Yolanda Says:

    I have been really pleased with my teen’s phone, but now that I am getting ready to buy another one for my 10 year old I am finding it hard since most of the stores I have gone to do not carry them any longer. It seems the only way to obtain is by buying on line. Wish you would advertise more about this phone I find it works great for kids and the control we as parents have in tracting calls as well as plans for our kids.

  7. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Yolanda,

    Thanks for your comment & for being a kajeet customer. We are really happy to hear you are pleased with the service and I hope we can serve your second child!

    We have found a big success in selling online – both on our kajeet store and at Amazon.com (and even in our ebay store where you can purchase the phones using paypal for those that prefer this method of payment). Note that you can refill in a broad variety of ways – and we accept credit cards, debit cards, and paypal (and prepaid cards in the ebay store).

  8. kit-kat Says:

    Hey! I looked on the computer this morning, at the kajeet website. I saw that the LG Rumor (blue) was not available online! That was the phone that I really was thinking about buying! Is it sold in stores? Will it be available online again? I need answers NOW!!! That phone is my computer desktop background! That is how much I love it! Don’t get rid of it! Help me!

  9. jtecler Says:

    It looks like we’ve sold out of the blue LG Rumor – that phone is very popular! If you’re looking for a similar handset, you may want to take a look at our refurbished LG Rumor 2. It’s also available in blue, comes with all the features of the LG Rumor you had been shopping for, plus an extra row of keys for numbers. It’s even the same price!

  10. kit-kat Says:

    So even though I might not be able to get the phone I wanted, I looked at the other phones and I am starting to like the LG Rumor 2. I just have a few questions. First of all, the phone has a really pretty blue color to it, but I have only seen pictures from Sprint phones of it. Is it really the light blue color on the outside of the phone and on most of the buttons on the full keyboard, and also in the center? If it is, then I like it! Also,one of the other phone that slides has a full keyboard with dark blue, but I don’t like that one. I just wanted to know if that dark blue was the color of the LG Rumor 2, because I always see it with the light color that I like. Thank you! Please answer this ling question!

  11. Jill Tecler Says:

    Glad you like it!

    The kajeet Certified Refurbished LG Rumor 2 has a bright blue back and buttons. If you click on that listing on our website, you can see a few more pictures that show the detail. The blue on this handset is a much lighter shade than the blue on the other LG Rumor you are looking at. Hope that helps!

  12. kit-kat Says:

    YAY! I am almost to the point of getting the phone! I just need to know if you can call and text people with other plans. For example, if I bought the LG Rumor 2 and wanted to call or text my other friends with Verizon or AT&T, I could do that right? Thanks for the help!

  13. Jill Tecler Says:

    Yes, you can call or text your friends on other networks or services. Thanks for the question!

  14. kit-kat Says:


  15. kit-kat Says:

    Oh! I forgot to ask about the unlimited texting for only $19.99! Is that only for people with kajeet phones, or can you text and call people on other networks for $19.99? I was just wondering if you had to pay any other fees to text people on other networks, or is the unlimited texting for anyone?

  16. Jill Tecler Says:

    No worries! With the $19.99 unlimited texting plan, you can call or text anyone on any network. There are no additional fees for this service.

  17. kit-kat Says:

    awesome! thanks for all the help!

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