tgtcoverby Carol Politi

kajeet customers know that we have launched a “Green Tips” channel on the phone that provides a new tip each week to kids to get them thinking about how they affect the environment.  In addition to publishing the tips on our handset, I’m publishing them on the blog each week.

Here is this week’s Green Tip:

“Save money and the planet by purchasing items in bulk whenever possible. Buying in bulk is cheaper than purchasing several smaller items and it will minimize the amount of packaging that you need to toss.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen

by Carol Politi

Some of the feedback we get from customers is wonderful – and we love to share this with our existing and potential customers and our staff.  We also take all of our negative feedback seriously and work hard to solve any customer issues that may have cropped up.   I’ve recently reviewed feedback from our customers and will share a bit of both today.

From kajeet customer April:

“A young friend of my daughter’s suddenly decided that she didn’t like her anymore, but unfortunately she had my daughter’s phone number. To stop the annoying phone calls, I simply blocked the number. Problem solved.”

Thanks for your feedback April!  This is a great way to stop bullying which is an increasing problem these days.  Just log in to your kajeet account and go to ContactManager.  Add a contact number and select “no” and your child will stop receiving calls, texts, and pictures from that number.

From kajeet customer Yolanda:

“I love Kajeet’s service. My daughter recently traveled with her school to Florida. She was able to telephone me in South Carolina several times per day. The connection was as clear as if she were in the next room. She did not encounter any “dead zones” even while visiting one of the most popular and busy parks in Orlando. I was able to monitor her whereabouts from my home computer. I was also able to check her phone log and easily add money to her account when I chose to. Kajeet phone service is perfect for more than just staying in touch with your “tween or teen””

Thanks Yolanda!  & thanks for being our customer.

From kajeet customer Roxanne:

“I was happy to find Kajeet because of the plans that it offers with no contracts and the restrictions that you can put on the phone. I ended up purchasing a phone for my 10 and 12 year old to have for emergencies as they ride their bikes to school. The phones have come in handy and being that there are no contracts, it makes it easy when their is a discipline issue. I recently had to revoke one of the phones from one of my children and her cell phone rights are on hold and fortunately, I am not having to continue paying for a phone that we are not using and I can re-sign up for an inexpensive monthly plan when the issues are overcome. Thank you for the parental controls, affordability, and flexibility of your plans.”

Thanks Roxanne!  Here is a tip for those customers that don’t know about our hold service.  You can call kajeet customer care and put your child’s phone on “hold” for those times when you leave town – or when the two of you have just agreed the phone does not make sense for a bit of time.

From kajeet customer Shannon

I’m unhappy now that I can’t go to Target and/or CVS to purchase a pre-paid card. I’m a single mother, I do not use credit cards so that I can stay debt free, so I can NOT purchase time online. I really depended on those pre-paid cards and you’ve TAKEN THEM AWAY.”

Shannon – I’m so sorry that you counted on these.  We did make a business decision to remove cards from those channels.  A very high percent of our customers were using credit cards and online refill and there is a lot of overhead required to print and maintain hard cards in retail.  However, we do have options that I hope might work for you.  Best Buy offers a $25 Prepaid Wireless Airtime Card which supports kajeet.  This is sold in virtually all Best Buy stores.  We also sell kajeet cards directly on our eBay store and you may use paypal to make purchases from this store.  You can find a link to our ebay store here:

Thanks for all of your feedback – both positive and negative.  The positive feedback keeps us working hard to continue to meet your expectations and the negative feedback drives us to work to improve.

tgtcoverby Carol Politi

kajeet is collaborating with environmentalist and author Jenn Savedge to get the word out to kids that they can positively affect our environment through their actions.  We have launched a “Green Tips” channel on the phone that provides a new tip each week to kids to get them thinking about how they affect the environment and what they can do to minimize their environmental impact.  The tips are easy to find – they are linked to from our Navigator web home page on the handset – and they free and available to all kajeet subscribers.

Jenn has provided the tips to us from her new book – “The Green Teen, the Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet“.    In addition to publishing these tips on the kajeet phones, I’ll be publishing them on the blog each week.  Our tip this week is:

Rent, Borrow, or Swap – Use the 24 hour rule when shopping and ask yourself if you really need to buy it.  Could you rent, borrow, or swap with a friend instead?  If not, give yourself 24 hours to think it over.  If you still want it, go back and get it.    Tip byJenn Savedge, author of “The Green Teen“.

Jenn is also the author “The Green Parent” blog which is  a wealth of information about how to inspire earth-friendly living.

Please let us know how you work with your kids to help inspire them toward earth-friendly living.  We would love to hear your tips!

award-seal1by Carol Politi

kajeet has been picked by the National Parenting Publication Awards Team as the winner of the Parenting Product Competition Honors Award! We are thrilled to get honored with this award – it really invigorates the team here at kajeet to see that our hard work is being recognized by both our customers and the industry.

How did we get picked?  NAPPA has 17 specialty judges, veteran parenting editors, and family testers that evalute products and services for kids and families and select the best of these to win their honors.  The kajeet team sent 3 kajeet phones to NAPPA so they could have their judges and family testers put the service through their paces.  After this evaluation the NAPPA team judged kajeet to be one of the top services.  kajeet is the only cell phone company or service to win the NAPPA award to date!

Thanks for this honor goes out both to NAPPA who agreed to take our application and evaluate our service and our customer base – who has provided us with excellent feedback and input on how to make our product work best for kids and families.