FOX59 Special Report: “Sexting is Serious and it’s a Felony”

April 30, 2009

by Carol Politi


The topic of Sexting – sending inappropriate photographs digitally via a child’s cell phone – is becoming a dominant concern for more and more parents.  We are seeing heightened interest in what our customers can do to safeguard their kids against the embarrassment and perhaps even legal issues related to Sexting.

Why this concern?  Fox 59 just did a special report on this topic, and one quote in this report jumps off the page.  “In a recent national study nearly 40% of teenagers said they had sent sexually suggestive texts or pictures of themselves to other minors.”  Statistics such as this one are frightening and push the topic of Sexting on the radar of almost every parent.  The Fox report mentions kajeet and describes the features we provide to help parents ensure children use their cell phones safely.

The Fox report could be a good thing to share with your tween or young teen to inspire a conversation around the topic of Sexting.  It could be worthwhile to find out if they know kids in their school sending inappropriate pictures, to discuss what kind of picture and text messages are appropriate, and to find out if they are aware of how pictures and texts can move from the telephone to the internet in seconds.  Please comment and let us know how you are addressing this topic with your children and whether they feel it is an issue in their schools.

3 Responses to “FOX59 Special Report: “Sexting is Serious and it’s a Felony””

  1. randyboise Says:


    We are not talking about sending dirty messages, (that is true sexting), we are talking about sending naked pictures of teens – PORNOGRAPHY. Hundreds of thousands of adults are in prisons for doing exactly that, so welcome aboard teens! Teens cannot act dumb and say they didn’t know. Most teens are smarter technically than adults in this area. They have been sending porn for as long as cameras have been in cell phones, 10 years. Society cannot throw away an adult for innocently looking at porn on their home computer screen, then say ‘silly teen’ to a minor and let them go free for exactly the same act on a cell phone. Many of the naked teen pictures that adults are going to prison for now where created by willing teens sending them! They get caught…and suddenly it’s called sexting.

    Do parents realize that sexting can be the next step toward having sex? Both of my daughters received naked pics from boyfriends as a way of testing them to get a reaction. If they sent one back of themselves, sex was closer at hand. If they reject it, the boys seemed to move on. Sexting can be innocent, yes, but it is also what predators do to test for future advancement of grooming the next victim. Teens say that it’s innocent fun, okay, but the one sending it ALWAYS has ulterior motives, and sex is at the top of the list (or why send it naked)!!! Anyone that finds this the least bit ‘’innocent’’ is part of the problem…. Teens now waste an EXTREME amount of time on cell phones. A Sprint official stated that cell phones issued to teens average 1,200 test messages per month (not even counting sending naked pictures [which the cell phone company can see by the way!]).

    Teens are pulling quite the con to get parents to think it’s just a hobby or fad, try convincing a prosecutor of that. Sending teen porn is illegal and they should get a record for doing it (unless stealing, robbing banks, and shoplifting is now legal for teens). Would you allow another teen to keep waving a bottle full of wine at your teen and expect it NOT to go to the next level sooner or later; drinking it.

    Parents and prosecutors must realize that sexting is sending porn and illegal at the state and federal level, and must be enforced – or the rapes, molestings, and bad happenings are going to multiply so fast that they won’t have enough counselors and jails for it all.

    Both of my daughters are in their 20’s now, and say they have been trading naked pics for ten years on camera phones, laughing at adults (and me) that parents are so naive. Plus, it does no good to check your child’s phone, as files can now be encrypted so that you never find them, let alone get them open!

    SEXTING IS A CRIME AND GROOMING FOR PREDATORS, and if you don’t think that that lovable boyfriend is not looking for sex – I got a bridge to sell you! There are ten of thousands of men and women in prisons in the U.S. for making porn, what makes a teen think they can make it legally? There are hundreds of thousands of men and women in U.S. prisons for sending and/or receiving teen porn. Why should teens be able to send it with impunity?! It should be legal for all – or illegal for all. PERIOD!

    Very few adults that look at porn at home go out and commit a crime, in fact, it’s more likely that a teen looking at a naked picture on a cell phone or home computer will commit a sex crime because they do not have the restraints that an adult does (hopefully).

    Teens have been doing this for ten years (at least), and sending them to all U.S. states and around the world – catch on, they are breaking the law, no excuses, or make it legal for all to do. And what if a child in another state where it’s legal sends one to a child in Texas? All states should be legal, or none. Home computers have been sending porn (to and from minors) for 20 years, the cell phone just got cameras 10 years ago, now they send porn on cell phones – no difference, they just changed the name out of denial.

  2. sharon roberts Says:

    how do i report someone for sending me naked pic of his self to my chat

  3. Jill Tecler Says:

    So sorry to hear this happened. You may report it to the authorities. If you have a Kajeet phone, picture messages can be blocked by using our free parental controls.

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