A Little Greener Every Day…

April 17, 2009

by Daniel Neal

United Nations Plant For the Planet:  Billion Tree Campaign

I wrote a few weeks ago about how we at kajeet had introduced several new models of refurbished phones in an effort to reuse and recycle more. We’ve gotten a great response to our “pre-loved” handsets, though I have to admit that I think the lower prices help with those sales. Of course, both motivations can coexist. In the end, it’s a wonderful thing to see perfectly good (or even great) handsets go out the door to be used by kids who will re-love them.

Now we’re taking another small step. The gang here thought it would be a good idea to plant a tree for anyone who buys a refurbished phone, thereby reinforcing the good-citizen aspect of recycling cell phones. Already, we’ve planted 51 new trees! I know it’s a small number (so far), but we get excited about these new ways to make our path in business a bit greener. Each step along this path seems to present new ways to support a greener planet. But it isn’t just us: we’re getting direct support from new customers who are making very conscious decisions about what they consume, and the impact of those choices. Combining a refurbished phone with the planting of a new tree is a simple, but good, idea. We’re very grateful to be getting a positive response to this idea from customers new and old.

We’re also thankful for the help we’ve gotten from our friends at mokugift. They’ve been helping us with the tree planting. It’s great to find new friends who can help those of us in the technology & telecom field expand into places that are constructive in new ways. Thanks, mokugift!

We always love to hear your ideas – big or small – about what you are doing to help the environment, and what you think we should be doing along those lines. Please, let us know. We’re taking new steps ourselves, and want to travel further along a greener path.

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