Unlimited Text Messaging

March 6, 2009

by Carol Politi

kajeet LG Rumor

kajeet LG Rumor

The kajeet LG Rumor QWERTY keyboard phone has been extremely popular and it seems that it is expanding our customer base to include an even higher number of kids that love to text.

To respond to the needs of these more heavily texting teens (and their parents), we have launched a value package that includes unlimited texting combined with voice minutes.  The offer on our website is $29.99 for unlimited text messaging and 300 talk minutes!

We are testing these unlimited value packages through the end of June to determine how parents and kids like them.  If this offer is popular it (or some variation of it) may show up in our permanent rate plans.  (Of course, if you purchase the offer you can remain on the plan even after the test period ends.)

Since this is a test offer, it shows up in the cart for new customers as they purchase the phone, however, it does not show up in the rate plan options for current kajeet customers.  If you are a current kajeet customer that would like to take advantage of an unlimited value package please call kajeet customer care (1-866-452-5338) and they will be happy to help you!

While unlimited text may be a great value, many parents still want to limit texting so their kids get a good night sleep and are not distracted during certain times of the day.   Note that kajeet parental controls still apply.  If you would like to set a calendar block for your kid’s phone, log in to kajeet.com and go to “Configurator” and then “TimeManager”.  You can also set an “Always Allowed” number so that certain numbers do get through during these calendar blocks.

Please let us know what you think of this type of unlimited value package option and whether you would like to see it become a permanent part of our rate plans.

9 Responses to “Unlimited Text Messaging”

  1. Matthias Says:

    What an amazing idea. I really think that you should make this a permanent part of your rate plans. If it is still available in August we will most likely be switching to your service. Very good value, and we love your phone selections! Keep up the good work!

  2. Rit Says:

    I absolutely love the idea of this plan, but need it to have more than 1 line. Do you have anything that is for more than 1 child?

  3. Carol Politi Says:

    All of our accounts have a parent account that can be associated with multiple kid accounts – this means you log in only once to manage the account and can view the activity and set the preferences for both kids. I’d encourage you to call our customer care department and ask what might be the best value for your situation – they can walk through the plans that might be most optimal for your child. Perhaps one is a big texter and might benefit from unlimited text, but the other is a bit younger and might do better on our $4.99 plan… Our care number is 1-866-4kajeet (1-866-452-5338).

  4. Susie Says:

    hello♥ i believe that this should become permenent!! i love it coming from a 13 year old girl who LOVES!! to text! its perfect and cheap too!

  5. Kate Says:

    I love the fact of have the unlimited text option it should be permanent. I love the one that is 19.99/mo cause I can actually afford it.

  6. well i am looking for a phone that is less than or equal to 29.99 but at the same time has unlimited texting and is about 20 dollars or less a month…..do you have that kind of phone????

  7. Carol Politi Says:

    We have that! In fact, we have multiple options that include both talk and unlimited text for under $20:

    – For $19.99 you can receive 150 minutes and unlimited text.
    – For $14.99 you can receive 60 minutes and unlimited text.

    Check out our phones on kajeet.com to see the devices that are available.


  8. Myesha Says:

    I have had the $19.99 unlimited text + 150 minutes plan for about 3 months now and I absolutely love the plan and Kajeet. Why?
    1) It’s affordable: No outrageous fees and taxes. Total is $20.99(only 1 dollar)
    2) I can suspend my service if I need to for whatever reason.
    3) I like to text but am not much of a talker so 150 minutes is just right and if I choose to engage in a lengthy conversation, I can easily purchase a talk pak.
    4) I can easily block people from calling via the kajeet website.
    5) Customer Service is excellent.
    6) The phones are reasonably priced. I only wanted something basic and that’s what I got for a decent price.
    7) The network coverage is great and up to par.
    So, I definitely enjoy the Kajeet service and hope it will live long.

  9. Carol Politi Says:

    Thanks for your feedback Myesha! I’ve forwarded this throughout our team. We appreciate your taking the time to comment.

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