Are you in on The Buzz?

February 29, 2008


Every week, kajeet brings you the Buzz — right on your handset!

What’s the Buzz? It’s breaking entertainment news, it’s fun polls of kajeet users, it’s tips on how to get the most out of your kajeet service — it’s not to be missed.

Fresh Buzz is uploaded to the kajeet Navigator every Friday … for now. This must-read kajeet feature will be heading your way more often before too long — stay tuned!

—Daniel Neal, Founder and CEO


February 11, 2008


Skratch13 is … well, I’m not sure exactly who it is. Maybe it’s Skratch. But Skratch13 has created this channel on YouTube where you can see all the outtakes from the Mysterious Mystery of the Malfunctioning Pets, which you can see in its entirety over on Dudeworld.

—Leslie Adkins, Director of Marketing

I love stories like this

February 4, 2008


Stories like this are a constant reminder to me how kajeet is everywhere! This one comes from my friend, Stephanie:

Yesterday I was sitting in the lobby area of studios where my daughter takes flute. I was talking with the other “regulars” in there and was telling some girls about the kajeet phones. A man piped up from the other seat, “Hey, I just read about that for the first time 10 minutes ago in this Reader’s Digest!” He opens it to the page with the article and a drawing of you. It made for great conversation! Cool coincidence.

Congrats on being in Reader’s Digest!

Thanks, Stephanie. Maria Bartiromo was a gracious interviewer. And in case anyone’s wondering, it was the December 2007 issue, and you can read it over here.

—Daniel Neal, Founder and CEO